Magic Touch - Derrick Lin Packaging of the World Chief Curator

Agency: NDM Agency
Creative Director: Nermin Nino Kasupović
Copywriter: Admir Čavkić
Photo: Dinko Hadžović
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Magic Touch
Location: Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Magic Touch is a healing sugar paste for Egyptian-based depilation. This is the first product of this type on Bosnia and Herzegovina market. Magic Touch is 100% natural and based on sugars and different plants in combinations with essential oils. In order to find its place on Bosnia and Herzegovina market and make its brand recognizable, Magic Touch decided to rely on its packaging to place the product in the hands of the consumers.

Based on the conducted research and analysis, NDM Agency’s creative team decided to go with the design that communicates through nature, softness of touch, and oriental elements to add a convincing impression to this creative story.

Magic Touch thus resulted with the packaging of asymmetrical dimensions, which separates this product from other products intended for similar use. Aquarelle-based lines, together with oriental elements and patterns, make this packaging very elegant and worthy of the product of this character. Furthermore, the butterfly symbol, printed in golden color, associates this packaging with tenderness and softness of touch. With the mixture of classical and modern typography we tried to create in the eyes of the observers a combination of older and nostalgic elements with a hint of youth expression.”

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  • +387 (0) 63 522 876 


Designed by Armin Becic

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